About Us

Who is SoCon Recruiting?

I’ve had recruits call me coach and fans who think I’m a journalist. In the interest of transparency, I’m just a fan. I do consider myself knowledgeable about the Southern Conference and it’s history over the last 25-30 years but at the end of it all I’m just another guy with an opinion.


As I said, I do not consider myself a journalist, I have no training as such, and this is not my job, it’s a hobby. SoCon Recruiting is a way for me stay engaged and share my opinions. In the course of doing so I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk with other fans, recruits, and coaches which is my favorite part of this site. I do not post anything in terms of commitments or offers without some form of confirmation.

My Background

I have been a Furman sports fan my entire life bolstered now by being a proud alumni. I harbor no illusions of being 100 percent objective. I am quite guilty of looking through purple tinted glasses as well as the opposite extreme of trying too hard not to sound like a homer. As I said, I am not and have no desire to be, a journalist. I am very happy in my career in finance, SoCon Recruiting is a hobby only.