Aug 30

Q and A with Citadel Head Coach Mike Houston

My thanks to Coach Houston for taking the time to answer my questions and to Assistant AD Derek Satterfield for helping make it happen. The interview was originally intended to be used in the context of a preview article, however Coach Houston’s comments are quite insightful and really should stand on their own.

SoCon Recruiting: For the conference as a whole, the perception after App St and Ga Southern departed is a weaker SoCon with only 1 bid to the playoffs recently. Every team in the conference appears to be improving each year, how close is the conference from being back to a 2-3 bid league?
Coach Houston: “There is tremendous parity in the conference. Last year Chattanooga was no question the class of the conference but there was not a whole lot of difference between the rest of us. You have some teams that have a lot back from last year that are going to be improved. Plus, Chattanooga has a lot back, so there is a lot of improvement over a conference with a lot of parity. That creates a pretty strong conference again.”

SoCon Recruiting: What are your thoughts on the trend of FCS teams playing 2 FBS teams in a season? Doesn’t this severely limit the margin of error for teams looking to reach the FCS playoffs? Is this a necessary evil for financial reasons or is it truly hampering the game?
Coach Houston: “I’m absolutely against playing two FBS teams. You look at us this year, we have 11 ball games and two of them are against FBS opponents. That leaves us nine FCS games, and you have a very, very demanding conference slate. I think it’s very challenging to put on a program of our size. I’d like to see us, at the very least, and our Director of Athletics Jim Senter is on the same page with me, stick to one FBS game per year.”

SoCon Recruiting: You led the league in total offense last season behind a senior QB. What will the Bulldogs need to improve or build upon in 2015 with a younger QB to continue the offensive momentum?
Coach Houston: “We led the league in yards, but we have to finish drives and convert yardage into points. That’s the challenge for our offense coming into this year. The great thing for us on offense is we have 10 starters back from last year. We are replacing one very, very important component in Aaron Miller, but we have an experienced group around whoever takes his place. I think having that experience come through will help our new quarterback and then we need to do a good job of finishing drives when we get down into the red zone.”

SoCon Recruiting: The option is not generally thought of in terms of winning extremely high scoring games. What do you need to improve upon the most on defense from last season?
Coach Houston: “Number one we have to get off the field on third down. Number two we have to create manageable third downs. Those go hand-in-hand so we have to be more consistent overall. If we are better on first down, we’ll have more success on second down. If we’re better on first and second down, we’ll have better success on third downs. When we get in those situations, we have to come through and get off the field to give the ball back to our offense. I know you started the question with triple-option offenses are traditionally low-scoring, but our last two years at Lenior-Rhyne we averaged 40 points per game. You don’t have to be a low-scoring offense just because you run the triple option. I would rather us be a high-scoring offense but the way we go about it is a little bit different than what a lot of the spread teams do.”

SoCon Recruiting: I rated Citadel’s recruiting class of 2015 in the top half of the Southern Conference, do you expect any true freshmen to play immediately? If so, who are you most excited to see play on Saturday’s this season?
Coach Houston: “It’s still early in camp to be definitive, but I do expect some freshmen to contribute this year. On the offensive line, Tyler Davis is going to be a guy you’ll see in there. He’s too talented, too smart and is practicing too well right now. He’ll be in there competing somewhere on the interior of the offensive line. Rod Johnson, at A-Back, is going to be in the mix. He’s having a very, very good camp and is playing with more and more confidence every day so I think you’ll see him on the field pretty quickly. On the defensive front, you have several guys you might see. Kevin Graham, Ken Allen and Noah Dawkins are practicing well right now. In the secondary, you’ll see Aron Spann and you could see Khafari Buffalo. Who knows who else. We have a lot of young guys we are taking a good, hard look at over the next couple of weeks to see if they are ready to play.”

SoCon Recruiting: Which Bulldog(s) that we may not be familiar with yet do you expect will have a breakthrough season? Who will be the new fan favorite?
Coach Houston: “Offensively, there’s a lot of potential. Cam Jackson and Isiaha Smith had good freshman years but I think they’re both capable of a lot more. Even though Vinny Miller is an established veteran, you could see a bigger season from him. Alex Glover out wide will be a very consistent player for us there. Defensively, Jonathan King is having a great preseason. You could have a guy right there that is every bit as good as Mitchell Jeter, and that gives us a pretty formidable pair in the middle.”

SoCon Recruiting: After a fantastic class in 2015, what positions are priorities for the class of 2016?
Coach Houston: “Our offensive line has been together for a year and a half now. We are going to lose Sam Frye this year and have a couple of seniors next year, so we have to build on Tyler Davis and some of the young guys we recruited this year. We have to recruit several solid guys there on the offensive front. With Alex Glover and Brandon Eakins both graduating at wide receiver, you’ll probably see us take one or two receivers also. Defensively, we are going to continue to build depth on our front and at linebacker. We’re graduating James Riley this year and Tevin Floyd next year, so we have to solidify that.”

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Aug 30

Preseason Q and A With VMI Head Coach Scott Wachenheim

Thanks very much to Coach Wachenheim for taking the time to answer my questions about his program. My apologies for the brevity of the interview, these questions were initially intended to be included in the context of a preview. Coach Wachenheim was quite open to discussing the program, the lack of substance and additional questions was purely my lack of foresight.

SoCon Recruiting: What is your vision for VMI football in the next decade?
Coach Wachenheim: We want our student-athletes to compete to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Academically, militarily, socially, & athletically.

SoCon Recruiting: Are there certain areas of your team, offensively and/or defensively, upon which you are most focused to improve on the field results?
Coach Wachenheim: We want to improve our tackling efficiency on defense. Offensively, we want to concentrate on protecting the football and making explosive plays.

SoCon Recruiting: On last year’s recruiting class, would it be a fair statement, that increasing team speed was a priority while maintaining the values of your institution and program?
Coach Wachenheim: More than fair.

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Aug 29

Preseason Q and A with UTC Coach Russ Huesman

I would like to thank Coach Huesman for taking the time to answer my questions and Associate AD Jay Blackman for facilitating the interview. I feel like coach Huesman’s answers were insightful and forthcoming limited only by the ineptitude of an untrained interviewer. I hope all the Mocs’ fans and those from their conference foes will find this as interesting as I did.

SoConRecruiting: With an extremely experienced QB, but a less experienced group of backs could the Mocs go to the air more in 2015?
Coach Huesman: We feel good about our run game. We have a much more experienced offensive line, so that should help our run game. We will probably have a pretty similar run, pass ratio as last year.

SoConRecruiting: Is this the best overall offensive line you’ve had at Chattanooga?
Coach Huesman: I like them. They’ve got some experience. They’ve got some games under their belts. The addition of the transfer, Josh Cardiello from Georgia, has been really big for us. He is a good player. Getting Synjen Herren back … I like our offensive line. It is one of the better ones we have had.

SoConRecruiting: The Mocs lost a pair of defensive linemen now in NFL training camps. While there is still a lot of talent at that position, do you expect any adjustments from opponents without Tull and Lott to demand double teams?
Coach Huesman: I think when you lose that many, we actually lost four off of the defensive line, your depth gets this and you are string to play some younger and inexperienced guys. They are going to have to grow up pretty quickly. I would say that position is the thinnest and least experienced we have on the team.

SoConRecruiting: You have an exceptional group of defensive backs, does this allow you to be more aggressive up front knowing they can maintain coverage?
Coach Huesman: We will have to figure that out. We probably covered good last year because we rushed the passer so well with all of those guys. We will have to play it by ear as the season progresses to see how good we are in the secondary. I think we have some talented guys and some experience back there, but they probably got helped a bunch by the defensive line last year.

SoConRecruiting: Which newcomers, whether it be redshirt or true freshmen, have the best chance to make an impact in 2015?
Coach Huesman: I would say Isaiah Mack on the defensive front, who redshirted last year, along with some of the wide receivers – Wil Young, Bingo Morton – have a real legitimate chance. We will probably play a true freshman at running back, Kyle Nalls and possible Alex Trotter.

SoConRecruiting: After another very strong recruiting class last season, what positions will be the biggest focus for the recruiting class of 2016?
Coach Huesman: We are going to sign a quarterback this year, which will be extremely important for us. I think that is a big spot. As we lose Jacob, and Alejandro Bennifield has a couple left, we need to sign one at quarterback for sure. We’ve haven’t signed enough defensive linemen. Not because we haven’t tried. Those are the hardest positions to find players. They are the two most critical spots to find players.

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Feb 21

Mercer Class of 2015 Wrap-up

Mercer has the unique advantage this year and next of adding talent without the detraction of outgoing seniors. This group of incoming recruits can only make the Bears better by adding talent where needed and pushing current starters by providing competition where already solid. I think Donte Maxson could be the best incoming RB in the SoCon this season; it will be interesting to see if he plays immediately or redshirts behind an already deep and productive group of backs. Staying on offense, I believe one of the reasons the Bears have been so competitive so quickly is the focus on the offensive line and they continue to add depth in this class; I picked out Mathes and Mitchell as “Gems” but Dawson Ellis or Stanley Smith could just as easily have made the list. Defensively, the Bears added a number of potential future starters, but I really think Destin Guillen could step in right away at DE. He just fits the scheme really well and already has the frame to play in college. A very good class for the Bears who are clearly going to be a factor in the SoCon.

SoCon Recruiting Gems

RB Donte Maxson
OL Mitch Mathes
OL Chad Mitchell
DE Destin Guillen
DL Dorian Kithcart
LB Jonathan Ward

Mercer Bears Signings (21)

RB Donte Maxson (5-11 200 4.4) Largo, FL – Perhaps one of the top SoCon signings of the season. Tremendous running back with a stellar high school career despite missing much of his senior season with an emergency appendectomy. Also had offers from Furman and Wofford.
WR Marquise Irvin (6-4 200 4.55) Gurley, AL – Big, strong, and athletic receiver who can make plays in traffic.
TE Chase Westfall (6-4 225) Dalton, GA – Great size and good hands
TE Trey Peppers (6-3 228 4.8) Canton, GA – very solid football player, he has good hands and blocks well. Also a pretty good defensive end. Will add depth at TE and could also help on special teams.
OG Mitch Mathes (6-3 284) Lagrange, GA – A like Mathes a lot, he’s a big strong guy who should be a great run blocking OG for the Bears.
OL Chad Mitchell (6-4 270) Nashville, TN – I don’t see all these good young lineman staying at guard. Mitchell is a likely candidate to play OT, he’s got the size and quick feet to be good on the edge.
OL Dawson Ellis (6-4 280) Sharpsburg, GA – A very nice all around offensive lineman, could play inside or outside.
OL Stanley Smith (6-3 285) Opelika, AL – Another big mauler offensive lineman, Smith is quick off the snap and has the quickness to pull when needed so he may stay at OG.
OL Truett Moss (5-11 235) Calhoun, GA – Undersized, but plays hard and gets after it, you need these guys to build depth
DE Destin Guillen (6-6 250 4.8) Berea, SC – Just a perfect fit for the Bears’ 3-4 defense. I could see Destin playing right away at a very high level.
DL Blake Jones (6-1 263) Hamilton, GA – Very active with quick feet, he could contribute anywhere on the defensive line
DT Dorian Kithcart (6-0 276) Norcross, GA – A steal for the Bears, he’s a big motor, plays with a lot of emotion, and as a two time state champion, he’s a winner.
LB Jonathan Ward (6-1 210 4.6) Macon, GA – You can’t watch this guy’s film without missing football, he plays hard, hits hard, and genuinely seems to love the game. I expect Jonathan to be a crowd favorite.
LB Will Coneway (6-0 207 4.6) Atlanta, GA – A very physical linebacker with good quickness. He’s aggressive in pursuit and hits hard. Just a good football player.
CB Stephen Houzah (5-10 167 4.42) Evans, GA – Terrific speed with good cover skills, could play immediately.
CB Eric Jackson (5-8 170 4.5) Powder Springs, GA – Really solid cover skills from a great high school program. Will compete with Houzah to play immediately.
Ath Jimmie Robinson (5-8 160 4.32) Bunnell, FL – elite speed, he could play corner or receiver plus help out Chandler Curtis in the return game.
Ath Jake Brooks (6-3 225) Thomson, GA – Has the size and speed to play a number of positions on either side of the ball.
K Cole Fisher (6-1 185) Lawrenceville, GA – Strong leg; 8-14 on FG with a long of 55 in 2014; consistently put kickoffs 5 yards deep
P Matt Shiel (5-11 205) Doncaster, Australia – big leg, quick motion
LS Steven Nixon (6-0 225) Kennesaw, GA – very solid long snapper who can help on the offensive line in a pinch

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Feb 16

Samford Class of 2015 Wrap-up

I truly believe every team in the SoCon had an excellent recruiting class this season and this could be the best of them all. This class has it all with playmakers on both sides of the ball. The Bulldogs beat out FBS programs for 14 of the 16 members of this class with the 2 that did not have FBS offers having offers from programs ranked in the top 10 in FCS.

SoCon Recruiting Gems

RB Justin Curry
WR Kelvin McKnight
DE Justin Foster
LB Aaron Harris
CB Jarek Taylor
CB Jamond Glass

Samford Signings (16)

RB Justin Curry (5-11 201 4.56) Fort Smith, AR – Hits the hole and gets 5 yards down field as fast as anyone you’ll ever see. Really explosive off the snap, impressive looking back.
RB Roland Adams (5-10 202 4.5) Florence, AL – Great vision with a fluid, effortless looking running style.
WR Andrew Harris (6-0 172 4.4) Canton, GA – Terrific speed with good hands and is an excellent route runner. Chose the Bulldogs over rival UTC.
WR Kelvin McKnight (5-9 183) Bradenton, FL – Explosive with ball in his hands. He makes good adjustments on the ball in the air and is tough to bring down. Will be an impact player at receiver and in the return game.
WR Vaquan Small (6-2 170 4.6) Miami, FL – terrific size and great hands, he’s the kind of receiver you look for on 3rd down when you need a reliable play down field.
TE Kevin Marion (6-3 220) Spanish Fort, AL – A big, physical pass catching tight-end with excellent ball skills. Kevin will be a match-up nightmare in passing situations.
OL George Grimwade (6-7 275) Miami, FL – Giant frame with good footwork, his ceiling his phenomenally high.
OL Hayden Naumann (6-5 278) Decatur, AL– Transfer from UAB (1 Year Remaining) – Was listed as the starting RT for UAB in 2014, he should step and add depth across the offensive line for his final season of college football.
OL Matthew Pittarelli (6-6 281) Marietta, GA – Big mauling run blocker, played guard in high school. Could stay there or move to tackle. As with Grimwade, great frame with a high ceiling.
DE Justin Foster (6-4 240 4.59) Anniston, AL – One of my favorites from this class, Justin is a big time athlete with the size and speed to be a beast in the Southern Conference.
DT Alfred Brown (6-3 250 5.0) Moultrie, GA – played a lot of o-line in high school, but signed as a defensive tackle. Has the physical skills, we’ll see how he translates to defense.
DL Horace Roberts (6-3 270) College Park, GA – Very quick off the ball, has the skills to be a disruptive force on the defensive line.
LB Dorsett Johnson (6-3 205) Memphis, TN – Common theme in this class, great athlete, good tackler with a great frame. Could be an exceptional player in the Southern Conference.
LB Aaron Harris (6-0 225) Norcross, GA – Transfer from Southern Miss (4 years remaining) – I thought Aaron was one of the top commitments in the SoCon last season before flipping to Southern Miss. Big, strong, quick, and smart as well as a great tackler and big hitter, everything you want in a MLB. Potential defensive captain, all-conference caliber player.
CB Jamond Glass (5-11 170 4.4) Atlanta, GA – Over Georgia Southern, great athlete with good cover skills, but what really jumped out was how physical he is with receivers off the line and coming up to make plays against the run.
CB Jarek Taylor (5-11 190 4.4) Madison, AL – One of the more high profile commits in the SoCon this season. Jarek is strong and fast with excellent cover skills.

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Feb 16

VMI Class of 2015 Wrap-up

This class for the Keydets indicated a definite effort to get faster on both sides of the ball. VMI added a strong armed QB with a pair of complimentary receivers along with a trio of runningbacks with complimentary skill sets. LB Tyler Fedison and S Uzoma Kpaduwa bring much needed speed to this defense. This is a very solid class with several potential impact players.

SoCon Recruiting Gems

QB Austin Coulling
RB Chris Gavin
LB Tyler Fedison
S Uzoma Kpaduwa

VMI Commitments (13)

QB Austin Coulling (6-4 196) Salem, VA – Coulling has a solid arm with terrific touch down field. He will compete in the next few years to be the heir apparent to Al Cobb.
RB Destin Brown RB (6-0 185 4.5) Altavista, VA – Tough runner with good speed, also could have added weight and played LB
RB Chris Gavin (6-2 210 4.6) Sykesville, MD – Terrific field vision, makes quick decisive cuts and gets up field. Has the makeup of a workhorse type back.
RB Quan Myers (5-9 170 4.38) Lynchburg, VA – Speedy, change of pace back; he’ll compliment Gavin and Brown very well
WR Dontae Mauck (6-1 170 4.4) Winchester, VA – Speedy receiver with good hands, perfect compliment to fellow receiver signee Isaiah Parker
WR Isaiah Parker (6-0 186 4.6) Salem, VA – Terrific possession receiver with deceptive speed. Played HS football with QB signee Austin Coulling
OL Cole Brummitt (6-5 257) Glen Allen, VA – Solid blocker with a good frame, should add 20-30 pounds in the next couple of years
DE Casey Phillips (6-5 232 4.9) Pomfret, MD – The 4.9 speed is deceptive, he’s quick off the snap and gets good position. He’ll need to add weight if the Keydets are staying in the 3-4, but also could be a really good edge rusher in a 4-3.
DE Jarrod Richmond (6-3 218 4.8) Bluefield, VA – Very active player and quick off the ball. Looks like a solid DE, but could also play linebacker in the 3-4.
LB Arnold Roots (6-1 220 4.8) Richmond, VA – Prototypical 3-4 OLB with good quickness to rush the passer and physicality against the run.
LB Tyler Fedison (6-1 204 4.55) Salem, VA – A speedy, athletic linebacker who can play in space against the spread and triple option offenses so prevalent in the Southern Conference.
CB Tyriuq Trotman (5-10 155 4.48) Virginia Beach, VA – A great athlete with good cover skills. He fills need for the Keydets who allowed a conference high 26 passing TD’s in 2014.
S Uzoma Kpaduwa (5-11 190 4.5) Purcellville, VA – The first commitment of the season for the Keydets could be the best. Uzoma is a big hitter who can be moved around the field to cause problems for the opposing offense.

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Feb 07

Western Carolina Class of 2015 Wrap-up

The Catamounts took a major step in 2014 finishing 5-2 in the Southern Conference. The next step for Coach Speir and his staff would be a conference championship and a trip to the playoffs. To reach those goals the Cats must continue to add and develop talent. In a season where Western Carolina returns the vast majority of their starters, the Cats add a terrific recruiting class full of talented guys who look like a great fit for their system.

SoCon Recruiting Gems

QB Kalen Whitlow
OL Walker Lanning
OL Ryan Matson
LB Hassan Belton

WCU Signings (15)

QB Kalen Whitlow (6-1 187 4.56) Dothan, AL – A perfect fit for this offense with the athleticism to run the ball and great touch on those fade routes the Cats run so well.
RB Jeremiah Young (6-0 230) Franklin, NC – A physical runner who will add depth and a bulky, shortage option in the backfield.
WR Brad Swan (6-2 185 4.56) Dallas, GA – Tall, physical with 4.55 speed. He is really good at high pointing the ball which again fits the Cats’ system
OL Walker Lanning (6-3 280) Arden, NC – A powerful blocker, quick off the snap; I could see him playing anywhere on the line.
OL Zac Saalweachter (6-3 300 5.48) Winston Salem, NC – Another big offensive lineman who gets a great push off the snap, most likely will stay at center.
OL Ryan Matson (6-7 330) Concord, NC – (Not announced on signing day release, but reports are he signed) The size alone is notable, but the quickness on the field makes Ryan a prototype LT. A real gem if his signing is confirmed.
DE Myreon Bennett (6-5 220) Augusta, GA – Hudl lists Bennett as 6-6 240 and he does look bigger than 220. Has a big frame to work with in a college strength program.
DE Tra’von Ricketts (6-5 225 4.6) Charlotte, NC – Great frame, good quickness. As with Bennett, he should add weight and could become a ferocious pass rusher.
LB Mitchell Chancey (6-1 205 4.4) Asheville, NC – explosive speed at linebacker and a really good tackler
LB Jay Gibbs (6-4 230 4.62) Matthews, NC – A terrific tackler with great instincts.
LB Hassan Belton (6-1 215 4.6) Blythewood, SC – Plays with a ton of confidence, he’s just a very smooth, natural linebacker who can hit and tackle.
CB Bryce Wilson (5-10 170 4.5) Atlanta, GA – first commitment of the season for the Cats, talented corner with good speed and instincts
DB Marvin Tillman (6-2 192 4.6) Durham, NC – Athletic with good size, he has a nose for the football.
DB Mikey White (6-3 180 4.62) Johnson City, TN – Flipped from ETSU late, ball hawking safety that plays like a linebacker.
K Logan Howard (6-0 195) Kernersville, NC – Very solid leg, good accuracy

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Feb 07

Wofford Class of 2015 Wrap-up

Wofford signed the deepest class outside of start-up ETSU with 25 players including 13 on defense. This is one of those classes that looks solid as its put together, but really opens yours eyes when you view it as a whole. The Terriers added some speedy weapons and line depth on offense with a very strong class on defense along with a pair of special teams guys. I am not ready to rank the classes, but I expect this group will fall in the top half of the SoCon.

SoCon Recruiting Gems

LB Weston Rountree
DL Thad Mangum
DL Jordan Perlotte
OL Justus Basinger
CB Noah Able
TE Nick Karas

  • RB – A pair of Tennessee backs with similar styles. McAfee and Marshall are both tough runners with great balance and good speed.
  • WR – Added a trio of receivers including hometown Jason Hill along with a pair of 6-2 speedsters in Cole Cleary and Armani Helligar. This is 5 receivers signed in the last two classes, could Coach Ayers be looking to move to a more spread option attack?
  • TE – Nick Karas…wow, I understand highlights are by definition the best he has to offer but this guy has big time upside as a receiver and the frame to put on weight and be an effective blocker.
  • OL – Justus Basinger comes in with a college ready body and could contribute right away. Michael Ralph, Liam Ronan, and Jacob Milam all have upside but I expect the staff will try to redshirt them to add 15-20 pounds to their frame.
  • DL – The Terriers added 4 big defensive linemen: Brandon Zamary, Jordan Perlotte, Miles Brown, and Thad Mangum. I really like this group particularly Mangum and Perlotte who have the combination of strength and quickness to be really special!
  • LB – Alex Horlak, Weston Rountree, and Billy Hinton. I like Hinton and Horlak, I love Weston Rountree, I think he’s the prize of the class for the Terriers. He’s got good size, excellent speed, and plays with a tenacity that Terrier fans are going to enjoy.
  • CB – Corner was clearly a target position adding highly regarded George Gbesee fairly early followed by in-state star Dominique Lemon and Ohio native Noah Able down the stretch. Gbesee and Lemon had the stars and justifiably so, but something about Noah Able stood out to me on film. I could be way off, but I’m calling him the dark horse of this class.
  • S – Brandon Loudermilk, Jo Jo Tillery, and Devin Watson were all somewhat late additions to the class. All three could be really good, but Watson looks like the a beast on film, a big hitter and good tackler.
  • K – Luke Carter and Buddy Anderson – I was surprised to see the 2nd kicker sign, both look to have good legs. It will be interesting to see how the coaches use these guys in coming years.

Wofford Signees (25)

RB Lennox McAfee (5-8 170 4.5) Nashville, TN
RB Seth Marshall (5-8 180) Knoxville, TN
WR Cole Cleary (6-2 190 4.4) Hendersonville, NC
WR Jason Hill (5-11 175)
WR Armani Helligar (6-2 170 4.4) Kissimmee, FL
TE Nick Karas (6-4 212) Waxhaw, NC
OL Jacob Milam (6-4 255) Greenville, SC
OL Liam Ronan (6-3 255) Lexington, SC
OL Justus Basinger (6-4 285) Altamonte Springs, FL
OL Michael Ralph (6-5 250) Loveland, OH
DL Brandon Zamary (6-0 250) Aurora, OH
DL Thad Mangum (6-1 280 4.9) Greenville, SC
DL Miles Brown (6-1 260) Washington, DC
DL Jordan Perlotte (6-2 240 4.7) Buford, GA
LB Weston Rountree (6-1 210) Lebanon, TN
LB Alex Horlak (6-3 210 4.8) Nashville, TN
LB Billy Hinton (6-1 220 4.7) Franklin, OH
CB Dominque Lemon (5-10 175) Blythewood, SC
CB George Gbesee (5-9 173 4.45) Murfreesboro, TN
CB Noah Able (5-11 165 4.5) Cincinnati, OH
S Brandon Loudermilk (6-3 190 4.6) Plant City, FL
S JoJo Tillery (6-2 190 4.6) Chattanooga, TN
S Devin Watson (5-11 181) Gainesville, GA
P/K Luke Carter (6-1 225) Florence, SC
K Buddy Anderson (5-9 150) Clover, SC

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Feb 01

Samford Commit Jarek Taylor

Madison, Alabama athlete Jarek Taylor has committed to play college football at Samford. Taylor is 5-11 190 with legitimate 4.4 speed. He could play a number of positions, but will stay at cornerback for the Bulldogs. Jarek notched 100+ tackles from his sophomore season forward and was 2nd team Rivals All-State. He had a number of other offers including California and Memphis but chose home state Samford: “I’m gonna give it my all on the field and in the classroom. I thank Samford for this world class education. And look forward to this season.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Feb 01

RB Deon Sanders is Committed to Furman

RhapsodyFranklin, TN running back Deon Sanders has committed to Furman. Deon is 6-0 215 with 4.59 speed and is also a standout baseball player. He racked up over 4,000 total yards and 44 touchdowns in high school choosing the Paladins over fellow SoCon members UTC and ETSU as well as several others including New Mexico State, Austin Peay, and Tennessee-Martin. What made Furman the right choice? Read the rest of this entry »

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